About Online Business Registration (PA100)

The Online PA-100 will assist you in completing all applicable sections that pertain to your entity’s registration needs. The Online PA-100 may be used to:
  • Register a new entity
  • Add additional taxes or services
  • Register a new entity that is acquiring all or part of an existing entity
  • Request the Unemployment Compensation Experience record and Reserve Account Balance of a Predecessor
You will automatically receive your account number(s) via e-mail if you provide your e-mail address in section 4. If you do not provide your e-mail address, do not have an e-mail address, or do not receive your e-mail notification you may retrieve your account number(s), simply by logging on to http://www.pa100.state.pa.us. Click on View after logging in with your e-Signature.
Registrations for the following taxes and services will be processed electronically:
  • Employer Withholding Tax, including 1099 Miscellaneous Withholding
  • Promoter License
  • Public Transportation Assistance Tax License
  • Sales, Use, Hotel Occupancy Tax License
  • Tobacco Product’s License
  • Transient Vendor Certificate
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Use Tax
  • Wholesaler Certificate 
  • Workers' Compensation Coverage
  • Vehicle Rental Tax
You cannot use the Pennsylvania Business Entity Registration Online PA-100 if you are:
  • To register your name with the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable
    Organizations 717 787-1057
    Go to www.dos.pa.gov under KEY SERVICES – Business Registration Forms
  • Applying for Sales Tax Exempt Status REV-72, Sales Tax Exemption Application
  • Motor Carrier Road Tax/IFTA. To register for Motor Carrier Road Tax/IFTA, visit mypath.pa.gov.
  • Motor Fuels Tax Permit. To register for Liquid Fuels and Fuels Permit, visit mypath.pa.gov.
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